Abandoning Blogging

I’ve tried to maintain a blog a few times during the last 8-10 years. First, I had nothing to write about. Then I had a great idea to write about projects I’ve been working on as a freelance developer, but I haven’t had enough really good projects to be proud of. Neither I had enough passion to write about my job because it turned out to be another job itself and take too much time for a guy who earned money for coding, not writing. I also tried to write about my personal experiences, particularly in Russian, which was probably a good idea, but I abandoned it quickly.

About a year ago, in the beginning of 2016, I took another attempt to write. That time, it was about my experience as a professional software developer at Yandex. Potentially, the job and tasks I was responsible for were, and still are, very interesting. Sometimes hard and sometimes not, with tough and loose deadlines, all of them were more about juggling with lots of different parts: figuring out what to do; decomposing projects into individual tasks; managing people to make them understand the meaning of the task, and finally making sure they'd done the job as was intended. I was a manager, not just a developer who had lots of time to spend on coding. But I wanted to write about coding challenges actually not having them in real life! That attempt failed too.

I wrote a few lines about the simplest problem I was hit by while coding, then tried to gather interesting information related to software development and science and compile it into blog posts. It took great effort and gave no gain at all except my friend's one and the only comment. Now I’m really out of the idea of writing stuff for a website without readers while pretending to be a blogger. I hate both blogging genre itself and my personal (in)ability to really handle this kind of writing routine.

Hopefully, I finally understood the purpose of this site. Sometimes I have thoughts that I want to save for future, and it’s already pretty clear for me that putting text documents anywhere (google drive, my laptop, external HDDs) doesn’t work. They are very likely to be lost in a few years; there’s absolutely no structure in those writings, and, again, what’s the point of writing something that nobody will read — even me in the future? Thus most of my thoughts could be shared with you, guys, and probably I will write something useful someday.

I also started to pay great attention recently to the thing called investing in the future which is, on my current development step, learning and practicing English and exploring the world in search for things that turn me on. Apparently, I will use this place to write about what's going on in this rather personal, yet crucial area.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the purpose of blogging and your own experience using the comments form below. Links to your personal sites are highly appreciated, as it’s always a good idea to steal something useful from someone smart.