About Oleg

Hello, I amOleg Gromov profile pictureOleg Gromov,

Since 2007, I have been involved into various software projects of different scale and worked for different organizations, small and large.

You can find what I am interested and experienced in below.

Oleg Gromov in France
This is me in France, with the beautiful Pyrenees in the background.

Areas of Interest

The best application of my skills so far has been the area where software engineering, product mindset, and critical thinking overlap.

It’s usually about accumulating deep insights in some field and using them to tackle meaningful business challenges by building software, supporting engineers in doing their best, and communicating a lot.

Aside from those “softer” skills, I’m experienced in a few major things.

  • Design, development, and maintenance of web projects through their entire life cycle, with the emphasis on full-stack JavaScript engineering.
  • Management of engineering teams supporting critical, revenue-generating business domains, up to 10 people large, while still being deeply involved in defining the architecture, technology stack and doing hands-on coding, as well as being responsible for people, product, and ultimately delivery on time.
  • Digital marketing with the focus on conversion analysis and optimization and respect to user experience, application performance, and SEO.

In my free time, I enjoy studying advanced math, helping people understand technology, playing musical instruments, making film shots, and having fun with my family.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in some sort of collaboration 🤘

Experience Highlights

February 2020 – Present

Front-End Engineer at Facebook, London.

April 2018 — January 2020

Head of the Public Pages team at Toptal, the remote talent network company.

I mostly focus on making my team happy and productive, empowering us to meet business objectives and expectations, and contributing to the modern front-end technology.

Up till August 2018, as a developer, I created a performance monitoring tool for our website with great parallelization capabilities. It works on top of the Google Cloud infrastructure and uses Lighthouse and Docker. Also, I crafted new and updated existing marketing pages.

November 2017 — March 2018

Full-stack JavaScript developer at Klarna, the Swedish payment provider.

March 2014 — March 2017

Head of the Partner Code Development team at Yandex, arguably the biggest and most influential Russian Internet company.

I managed projects and people, and regularly coded myself, for the team that creates an embeddable JavaScript advertisement library.

We had launched hundreds of conversion optimization experiments, while our library was servicing billions of end-user requests coming from thousands of top-profile websites.

On The Internet

You can also find me on the Internet. Send me a poke or connection request and I'll happily respond! 👋

About This Website

Currently, my website is mostly a collection of articles I've written about software, leadership or something else I found worth spending time on, researching, and writing about. Please leave a word when you find something interesting or useful.

Kudos to Den Shvedyuk for the advice and guidance on making things look good! 👍